TA 65

TA 65 is a supplement that helps combat the aging process and forms a large part of a therapy called cenegenics. The goal of cenegenics is to help people retain their youthful vigor and health even as they age. This therapy, practiced by Dr. Patrick Sharp at the Sharp Clinic, will help people live out their years with both their physical and mental health at peak performance.

TA 65The benefits of cenegenics are many. They help even an aging client obtain lean muscle mass and lose fat. They can help people achieve better skin tone and cognitive functioning while they lower the “bad” LDL cholesterol and raise the good “HDL” cholesterol. They can also regulate glucose levels in the blood, which is good news for people with diabetes and improve sex drive. The therapy can also support the immune system, strengthen the bones and help prevent overall disease. All of these improvements in a person’s mental and physical health will also bring them a better out look on life and their own prospects.

TA 65 is derived from astragulus, an herb that’s been used medicinally for hundreds of years for healing and vitality. It takes tons of this plant to make even a few milligrams of TA 65. This substance has been shown to activate telomerase, an enzyme that helps to regulate the telomeres. Telomeres are caps at the ends of the strands of DNA. They serve no purpose but to protect the chromosome that’s made up from the DNA. They are rather like grommets on the ends of shoelaces. Telomerase can be activated to increase the length of the telomere, which can increase the life span of the cells. As the cells divide multiple times the telomeres are shortened, which diminishes the cell’s ability to replicate properly. Eventually, the cell reaches what’s called the Hayflick Limit, where the telomere is used up and the cell can no longer replicate. This leads to the condition known as old age.

Scientists have found out that older people with longer telomeres are generally healthier than older people with shorter telomeres. Scientists then assumed that the length of the telomeres had something to do with overall health.

The cenegenics and TA 65 therapy is a holistic program that also utilizes nutrition and exercise, and monitoring of the patient’s health. The medical professionals at the Sharp Clinic don’t believe that aging should be associated with infirmity and diminishment, but people can enter their senior years physically fit and mentally sharp.

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