Low Testosterone

Low TestosteroneFatigue, mood changes, low sex drive, and weakness are all symptoms of low testosterone in men. The normal levels of testosterone are the driving force of a man’s health and sense of well-being. With more precise tests, less stigma about men’s health issues, and a new generation of men seeking knowledge about their health, low hormone levels are treated more successfully than ever.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for sexual characteristics. During puberty, it begins to enter the bloodstream and is produced by the testicles. The voice deepens, hair growth increases on the body, muscle size and strength increase, bone development is enhanced, and sperm production matures.

Symptoms of Falling Hormone Levels

Men with low testosterone may complain of symptoms related to mental health. Depression, a decreased mental focus, insomnia, irritability, and loss of libido are common to the condition. Physically, a deficit of the male hormone is responsible for a decrease in the amount of red blood cells, sexual dysfunction, increased weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and generalized weakness.

Causes of Low Levels

After about the age of about 30, men’s bodies begin to produce less testosterone and the decline continues throughout life. Other contributing factors to low testosterone include chronic illness, infection or injury to the testicles, certain medications, and obesity.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of low hormones usually includes the symptoms, blood tests, and a hormone level test. Since levels fluctuate throughout the day, several blood tests may be needed to confirm the conclusion.

Treatment includes testosterone enhancement or replacement therapy available in several different forms. Injections, medicated patches, topical gels, oral tablets, medicated sticks for underarm application, and long-acting implants. All of the options provide the appropriate levels of hormones. Men can choose the best option that is the most comfortable for them.

Men are Entitled to the Best Quality of Life

Although the decline of the hormone is typically a result of aging, the loss of sexual desire is not considered a normal response to growing older. As men are living longer, hormone replacement and treatment has become and more accepted and put into practice. Testosterone is a vital part of men’s mental and physical well-being. Treatment of low testosterone is necessary in men at any age.

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