Human Growth Hormones

Human growth hormones, or HGH, may be the key to looking and staying young. Naturally occurring in the body, HGH levels drop with age and some medical conditions, so more and more people are supplementing their natural levels of these growth hormones, claiming benefits such as fewer wrinkles, more energy and better sex.

Human growth hormones are responsible for the development of tissues throughout the human body. The pituitary gland produces large amounts of HGH during childhood, stimulating the body’s development to adult height, as well as the continued growth of hair and nails. But in healthy adulthood, with the essential phases of growth completed, levels of these hormones naturally decline. Although the pituitary continues to produce HGH throughout life, these levels continue to decrease, contributing to signs of aging such as thinner skin, wrinkles and diminished body mass.

Some health conditions also contribute to lower levels of HGH. Children who fail to grow normally for their age, adults with pituitary gland abnormalities or those who have received treatments causing damage the pituitary gland may be diagnosed with a deficiency of human growth hormones and given injections of HGH. But for many, the uses of HGH go far beyond these clinical situations.

Available in pill or injectable liquid forms, HGH appears to offer potent antiaging benefits. The same functions that cause children to reach normal height and keep hair and nails healthy and growing may keep skin supple, increase muscle mass, and spark higher levels of energy. Long a favorite of the bodybuilding community, HGH may also keep levels of body fat low and speed the metabolism for faster weight loss.

Physicians warn, however, that introducing growth hormones in the absence of pituitary disease can contribute to health problems including diabetes, swelling of tissues and the abnormal growth of organs such as the heart and liver. Users maintain, however, that when used responsibly, HGH can turn back the clock without these risky side effects.

Human growth hormones are generally taken as part of a complex antiaging regimen that typically includes a number of compounds aimed at jump-starting the body’s ability to burn fat and increase muscle. Users say they sleep better, heal faster and have more energy for daily activities, including sex. For healthy adults in midlife and beyond who are worried about the effects of aging, HGH appears to offer the fountain of youth in a syringe.

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