Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy helps people manage the aging process. The body undergoes significant changes during ages. Most experience changes like weight gain, difficulty concentrating, and bone density loss. Some choose to handle different age-related health changes by treating the ailments and issues as they occur through medication and treatment. Others choose a more preventive approach, which can include better eating habits, an active lifestyle, and treatment.

Hormone therapy is beneficial to those who have a desire for a better quality of life as they age. Hormone therapy treatment like cenegenics can help delay certain changes that occur when the individual grows older. Poor cognitive functioning, lower libido, higher cholesterol, muscle loss and blood sugar challenges are the types of conditions that hormone therapy can treat. The preventive aging cenegenics regimen works on the body in several ways.

The foundation for this treatment regimen is the theory of age management. The person is treated using in several ways through nutrition, exercise, hormone optimization, and supplements. When combined, all components of the treatment plan effectively work together to delay some aspects of aging while treating other minor health issues.

The process starts with a comprehensive physical. After the physical examination, a profile for the person is developed to target individual health issues. An individualized treatment plan is developed and the person remains under observation as it is administered. Results and patient progress are carefully monitored throughout the entire process and the regimen is adjusted to meet the individual’s needs.

Changes in mental alertness and physical well-being are among the most commonly reported improvements people under the plan see as they undergo treatment. Most people report a remarkable change in body composition. Individuals are able to achieve better muscle definition and lose stubborn weight while being treated. Others report improved mental alertness. Individual results may vary and are largely dependent on the individual’s commitment to the regimen itself.

While some rely on the traditional symptom-related medical approach to improve personal well-being, others may see benefit in taking a more proactive approach during the aging process. The overall objective of cenegenics therapy is to prevent age-related illnesses through careful, medically-supervised treatment tailored to meet an individual’s health profile. Aging individuals can now lead healthy, satisfying lives as they delay the effects of aging.

Dr. Patrick Sharp

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