Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Although hormone replacement therapy for women has become widely recognized and utilized in women, hormone replacement for men has been largely ignored, unacknowledged and/or underutilized. For the most part, it has been mistakenly unrecognized that men possess the exact same hormones as women do, although in different levels and quantities. The fact is that most hormone levels in both genders begin to drop after the age of 30, significantly affecting a great number of factors that affect many areas of their health and aspects of their lives, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for MenHormone replacement therapy for men has many powerful benefits that can prevent or even reduce the aging process. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men include increased energy and vitality, greater bone strength, increased immunity levels and disease prevention, improved skin tone and elasticity (less wrinkles!), increased fat loss and lean muscle gain, better muscle tone, decreased memory loss and increased brain function, improved mood, greater sex drive, better blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and an improved sense of well-being and lust for life overall.

Hormone levels are assessed through individualized and personalized testing for each man. Hormone replacement therapy for men can very widely for each person. This is because every man’s hormone levels change at different rates, and the right hormone level replacement therapy for one man may be very different for another. After individualized testing is performed and the results are evaluated, a personalized regimen of specific hormones is prescribed according to the types and levels of hormones that need to be replaced.

An evaluation of overall health is combined with personalized recommendations for exercise and nutrition. Together with customized hormone replacement therapy for men, this results in the ideal treatment program for optimal health and ant-aging prevention.

Minimizing the effects of aging through this program will allow men to create a healthy and easy to follow routine that will enhance their ability to enjoy the best possible life for a much longer period of time. By addressing many of these age related challenges before they even start, a man can look forward to a much healthier and more productive life. This can also reduce the number of health issues, doctor visits and medical bills that may occur in the future.

Dr. Patrick Sharp

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