Hormone Replacement Center

Sharp Clinic is a premier hormone replacement center within Tulsa. With doctors committed to each patient’s progress, every patient will get the attention and therapeutic techniques that they need. The extensively trained doctors at the hormone replacement center work to create a holistic approach that works with the client’s nutrition and exercise program to achieve the results they desire.

Hormone Replacement CenterWhat is it?

Cenegenics is modern science’s latest way to deal with aging. The medical field today enables individuals to live longer lives. During this extended lifespan, people still want the quality of life and well-being that they enjoyed in their younger years. Cenegenics works to promote a healthier body and mind. Users will experience improved cholesterol scores, a gain in lean muscle, fat loss and better skin elasticity.

Benefits of Using Hormone Replacements

Over time, users can enjoy stronger bones and a stronger immune system. They benefit from having a higher sex drive, cognitive functions and improved blood sugar levels. When all of these benefits are taken together, it equals out to an overall healthier person and helps the client to avoid diseases.

Many people choose to go to a hormone replacement center because it makes their body look better. After enjoying a fit physique during their youth, dealing with an aging body can be overwhelming. Hormone replacement therapy helps to stop the natural aging process and leave the patient with a better looking body. Men who suffer from decreased testosterone levels can supplement their diet with TA 65 to improve their health.

Tailored to Your Needs

The entire process at Sharp Clinic is specifically tailored to patients who are just starting to go through the process of aging. Although this procedure offers an exceptional number of benefits, some of the other positives are things that cannot be quantified. Patients often experience a heightened self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life after they receive therapy. Having a better body and increased quality of health makes it so each client can feel happy about the body they are in.

Sharp Clinic has worked to ensure that it offers more than just a hormone replacement center. The center includes a specifically tailored diet and exercise plan for each client. A healthy lifestyle is about more than taking pills. By taking a holistic approach to each client’s well-being, Sharp Clinic ensures that everyone gets the results they need and develops a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Patrick Sharp

Sharp Clinic In the News
Dr. Sharp was recently the feature of a physician spotlight from the Age Management Medicine Group. read more
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“Dr. Sharp’s Cenegenic’s program changed my life. I feel young again, with a vengeance. I have the energy and the attitude to do what I want to do. The results are amazing.”

S.B., Age 55