Anti Aging Systems

The Sharp Clinic recognizes that there is more than one component to healthful living, in contrast to “anti aging systems” that focus only on younger looking skin. The Sharp Clinic provides a system of age management that results in improved function from the inside out. It does this through individualized treatment regimens that keep the symptoms of aging from slowing an active person down.

The Sharp Clinic takes a proactive, preventative approach that encourages a healthy lifestyle, which in turn diminishes the effects of aging. Treatment results in rejuvenating effects that are more than skin deep: better immune function, healthier sex drive, stronger bones, more lean muscle, fat loss, improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as improved elasticity and color of skin.

The Sharp Clinic provides an alternative to those seeking “anti aging systems” by creating an individualized treatment regimen focusing on proper nutrition, exercise, and hormone replacement therapy for men as well as women. The goal is to help people maintain their youthful vigor and cognitive function even as they age. Partnering with the world renown Age Management experts, Cenegenics, The Sharp Clinic offers established protocols that have been recognized as the next generation of medical science. The regimens have been shown to help slow, reduce or alleviate the effects of aging, resulting in healthier bodies that avoid disease.

“Anti aging systems” focus on appearance, ignoring the larger issue of how well the body is working. The Sharp Clinic provides a comprehensive seven-hour health evaluation that analyzes all areas of the patient’s well-being. An individualized plan is developed to help patients manage the aging process. The goal is creating a lifestyle that will preserve health and prevent disease. In addition to improvements in many health markers such as cholesterol and bone health, patients also report heightened self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life as well as a better looking body.

Dr. Patrick Sharp

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Dr. Sharp was recently the feature of a physician spotlight from the Age Management Medicine Group. read more
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“Dr. Sharp’s Cenegenic’s program changed my life. I feel young again, with a vengeance. I have the energy and the attitude to do what I want to do. The results are amazing.”

S.B., Age 55