Anti Aging Nutrition

There are about as many “anti aging nutrition” programs and nutritional supplements on the market as there are theories of aging. Some of the theories of aging include simple wear and tear on the body, damage by free radicals and premature shortening of the ends of your chromosomes, the telomeres. Free radicals are reactive atoms that can damage the DNA and proteins within your cells and disrupt cellular processes. Some signs of aging are wrinkled skin, thinning bones, pain in your joints, decrease in muscle mass, and loss of cognitive ability. Our immune systems decline as we age and one consequence is the more frequent development of cancers in the elderly.

One effective anti aging nutrition program would be to take a daily multivitamin supplement. Vitamin D is important in maintaining strong bones and may offer protection against cancer and heart disease. Vitamin A protects you from developing night blindness. Vitamin E is reported to maintain the health of your blood vessels and help maintain a strong immune system. In addition to boosting your immune system, Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen, a compound in your skin and connective tissues that can help reduce those wrinkles. Many of the vitamins have been reported to help maintain the length of your telomeres, the special caps at the ends of your chromosomes that protect the chromosomes from shortening each time a cell divides. Shortening of your telomeres is associated with a shorter life span. Therefore, a multivitamin offers you the best “anti aging nutrient” protection. Always get your physicians approval before beginning a new nutritional supplement.

Other “anti aging nutrition” strategies could be the inclusion in your diet of supplements containing glucosamine to protect your joints, of five servings of fruits and vegetables per day to protect you from cancer, and of compounds rich in omega-3 fatty acids to protect your heart and blood vessels. Lifestyle is important and one should maintain a healthy weight and get lots of exercise. Exercise will bring more oxygen into the body to feed the heart, brain and other tissues; thus, exercise is important to an anti-aging campaign.

The Sharp Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers the Cenegenics program, an age management program that encompasses all of the above considerations. This program tailors a regimen of “anti aging nutrients,” exercise, and possibly hormone replacement therapy for each individual, according to their needs.

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