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The reason that quick fix “anti aging” products are so popular today is because the aging process seems to sneak up on people without much warning. Many people work hard on their jobs, maintain their financial responsibilities, and try to work in a couple of vacations for recreation before they start the cycle of hard work once more. Over the years, their motto of work hard and play hard suddenly changes to work hard and take a rest on the couch. They have less energy because the aging process has taken control of them. That does not have to be the case for those willing to invest in themselves and get educated about age management. Those who look for real solutions beyond commercialized “anti aging” serums usually embark upon a journey utilizing Cenegenics.

Key Elements of Age Management

Cenegenics or age management medicine has been practiced for years to some extent or another by those that have realized diet and exercise heavily affect the aging process. Today, medical science meets the foundational elements of diet and exercise resulting in a proven, comprehensive age management strategy that outperforms most “anti aging” treatments. The key elements of age management is proactive, thorough medical screenings and tests, customized diet and exercise plans, and hormone optimization.

Age Management Program

Aging is blamed on so many of life’s short comings that it is nice to know that the aging process may be slowed in a healthy manner. Cenegenics begins with comprehensive health diagnoses by certified physicians whose main goals are to slow down the aging process in their patients. After assessing their patients’ current state of health or their real age, these doctors set out to build customized health programs that seem to literally shave off decades within a relatively short period of time. The major features of these age management protocols beside the more commonly known diet and exercise elements include extensive testing and hormone replacement therapy. Most medical exams are only ordered when patients feel that their health is in jeopardy, and many times these tests do not show that anything is wrong. The test performed by Sharp Clinic physicians reveal more than general medical testing because these doctors are trained to get at the root of problems surrounding aging issues. Hormone production decreases with age and medical research has found ways of safely replacing these hormones to optimal levels that promote more youthful energy levels and appearance.


Many people want to live life to the fullest but invest in things rather than themselves. To get the most out of one’s allotted years, one must adopt a lifestyle of elite health that includes clean eating, plenty of exercise, and hormone optimization.



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