Age Management Doctors

As average life expectancy continues to rise, more people than ever are concerned with maintaining vitality well into old age. The haggard appearance, low energy and lack of libido associated with old age can tarnish the golden years significantly. Thanks to treatments administered by age management doctors, however, today’s older adults can count on looking and feeling great all the way through later life.

Age Management DoctorsCommon Complaints with Old Age

Many older adults encounter numerous issues as they reach middle age and beyond. Cognitive problems, low mood and weight gain are frequently cited as reasons why old age is less enjoyable than once imagined. Healthy diet and exercise frequently slow the progression of these problems, but lifestyle changes alone will not eliminate the signs of aging. Low hormones are some of the biggest reasons why these problems occur, and although healthy living will raise hormones, it cannot bring levels up to those enjoyed by young adults.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Recent advancements in aging treatment involve the usage of hormones to address these issues. Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone replacement are prescribed to men and women faced with the problems of old age, often with amazing results. Instead of continuing to deteriorate through later life, older adults receiving hormone replacement may find themselves losing fat and developing a lean, muscular physique. Relationships may be renewed as libido springs to those levels enjoyed by young adults. Finally, cognition is improved, allowing older adults to retain their wit, not only for crossword puzzles, but also for spirited conversation and debate among other youthful minds.

The Role of Age Management Doctors

Although hormone replacement holds amazing results for older adults who receive it, this therapy is most effective when skilled doctors have created a personalized regimen fitting the individual. Hormones decline at different rates for different adults, and some may need more of one hormone than another. Therefore, a complete initial screening with continued monitoring throughout treatment is essential for patients to have the best results possible.

Family doctors can prescribe hormone replacement, but most are not knowledgeable or experienced enough to create the most effective regimens with these powerful therapies. By seeing well-trained age management doctors, patients can ensure that they will receive comprehensive treatment that includes a tailored nutrition and exercise program. With improved immunity, better heart health and enhanced mood, many patients may only wish they had gone to these specialists sooner.

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