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As the human body ages, factors such as physical health and cognitive function generally decline over time, but an age management doctor at The Sharp Clinic can assist each patient with their unique needs. No body ages in the same way or at the same rate. Many individuals will see changes in their outer appearance, such as an increasing number of fine lines and wrinkles, skin that is looser and other similar effects. However, these outer signs of aging are representative of changes that are occurring inside the body, and these inner changes can make a person feel old and unhealthy in a number of ways.age management doctor

At The Sharp Clinic, patients can work with an age management doctor to recognize the signs of aging that are starting to occur or that have already become prevalent in their own body. Some of these signs may include an increased amount of body fat as the metabolism slows, a decreased amount of lean muscle mass, lowered libido, decreased cognitive abilities and a general feeling of being slower or less energetic. These are only some of the many signs of aging that individuals may experience as they get older, and the team at The Sharp Clinic will help each patient to learn more about their health and how aging is affecting their bodies.

While some individuals will accept the symptoms associated with getting older gracefully, the fact is that an age management doctor at The Sharp Clinic can provide an effective and personalized regimen to improve a patient’s total body health. Each patient at The Sharp Clinic will be treated by a highly renowned doctor specializing in age management like Dr. Patrick Sharp. They will take time to review each patient’s overall level of health and well-being to determine the right individualized health plan for their needs. Patients will continue to be treated on an on-going basis so that the team at The Sharp Clinic can monitor their health over time.

By working with an age management doctor, patients are able to take a more proactive approach to aging. Rather than sitting back and growing old gracefully, individuals may enjoy improved health and well-being, increased sex drive, an improved outward appearance and other benefits for years to come. Those who are interested in looking and feeling better can contact the team at The Sharp Clinic to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Patrick Sharp.

Dr. Patrick Sharp

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