Age Management

With the Baby Boomers aging quickly, there is more call than ever before for effective age management strategies. The largest age management clinic in the world is Cenegenics. Cenegenics is all about using a preventative and proactive approach to age management. Instead of simply treating the symptoms of aging, the science of Cenegenics uses individualized treatment regimens to keep the symptoms of aging from slowing active people down.

One of the most powerful tools that Cenegenics uses is hormone replacement therapy. The replenishment of hormone levels in aging individuals has a wide range of rejuvenating effects. It gives people back their healthy sex drives. It makes their skin more elastic with better color. It also improves many of the body’s chemical levels, including things like cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Hormone replacement therapy is also effective at boosting immune function, which is one of the chief casualties in the war of aging on the body. This will help to prevent disease as well as to fight it off rapidly when it enters the body. Increased hormone levels will also help to strengthen bones, which can often be weakened as people age.

However, hormone replacement therapy is only one tool in the arsenal of Cenegenics. There are other techniques that are just as important. One of the keys to fight the effects of aging is to eat a healthy diet. Many people struggle to get all the proper nutrition they need as they age. Their busy lives often get in the way of eating right. Cenegenics will help them take charge of their nutrition, thereby improving their health.

Exercise walks hand-in-hand with good nutrition, and the science of Cenegenics realizes that. It uses exercise as an important component of its regimen to stave off the effects of aging. Aging individuals who combine a hearty exercise routine with proper nutrition will find that they have increased levels of energy as well as better mood. They will have better overall health levels, increased strength and better immune function.

These are just a few of the benefits of Cenegenics. There are many more wonderful things to discover about this fascinating science of age management. The experts at The Sharp Clinic can help patients learn everything they need to know about this powerful tool in the battle against that relentless adversary known as the aging process.


Dr. Patrick Sharp

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