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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men
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About Patrick Sharp, DO

Dr. Patrick Sharp graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy and earned his D.O. degree from the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed a family practice medicine residency at Oklahoma State University. He then practiced his specialty at several hospital groups: St Francis Hospital, SouthCrest Hospital and Ardent Health Systems. In 2004, he became trained/certified in age management medicine and added a part-time Cenegenics physician affiliate practice to his existing family practice. By January 2010, Dr. Sharp entered age management medicine and the study of nutrition, exercise and hormone replacement therapy for men and women full time, in partnership with Cenegenics. The Cenegenics Tulsa center is located at 9175 South Yale, Suite 220.

About Cenegenics

Cenegenics® Medical Institute, the recognized leading authority in age management medicine, has centers in Tulsa, Las Vegas, Nevada; Charleston, South Carolina; Boca Raton, Florida; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; , and New York City, NY. Additional centers specializing in nutrition, exercise and hormone replacement therapy for men and women are scheduled to open in other major metropolitan areas in the near future. With an established presence in the medical community, Cenegenics uses a proactive approach based on solid science and comprehensive evaluation.It is more than a hormone replacement center. Their established protocols have been recognized as the next generation of medical science, capturing global attention. Cenegenics offers CME-accredited physician training and certification opportunities in age management medicine concerning patients with low t and the benefits of using TA 65 via the nonprofit Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF).

Global leader Cenegenics® Medical Institute and Tulsa physician Patrick Sharp, DO—previously a Cenegenics physician affiliate—partnered to launch Tulsa’s first age management medical center. Cenegenics Tulsa is one of several new centers, that specialize in nutrition, exercise and hormone replacement therapy for men and women, that the age-management giant is opening in health-conscious metropolitan areas to meet the rising demands for real, science-based solutions to age-related disease.The need and desire to be seen by age management doctors and learning about TA65 is increasing nationwide.

As the second-largest city in the state, Tulsa houses a diverse economy and hosts fitness and recreational activities for its residents, making the city a prime location for the Cenegenics lifestyle and approach: A 180 degree shift from traditional medicine’s reactive, disease-focused mindset to a health-centered, preventive one. Cenegenics attracts international media attention,. And, of 20,000 patients worldwide, 2,000 are physicians and their families, from virtually all walks of medicine who want a better way to practice medicine.

Such was the case with Sharp, who was a family practice physician prior to becoming a Cenegenics physician affiliate.

“Tulsa is home to me—opening the center is a dream that I’ve had since starting with Cenegenics in 2004. I see Cenegenics as offering better health care and going beyond hormone replacement therapy, which is why age management medicine has become my passion and the future focus of my practice. I’m excited to bring the benefits of our proactive approach to my hometown, where people are health-minded and fitness oriented,” Sharp said.

The 3,200-square-foot Cenegenics Tulsa is conveniently located in an upscale medical office suite at 92nd and Yale—two blocks from the Creek Turnpike and five minutes from the River Walk. Similar to other Cenegenics centers, the Tulsa facility presents a welcoming, sophisticated ambiance with black marble floors, leather furnishings and light filtering through walls of glass.

The practice touts an open reception area/lobby, physician offices, a nutrition-exercise counselor area, an exam room equipped with leading-edge diagnostics and a private VIP room where a patient can relax throughout his/her seven-hour evaluation day.

The big appeal, Sharp says, is the preventive care-of nutrition, exercise and the hormone replacement therapy for men and women. Economics prevent traditional, insurance-based medicine from making significant investments in a proactive approach. As a result, patients are forced to wait until health issues and disease arise to get treatment—a problematic strategy that Sharp feels will only get worse with the declining American healthcare system.

“With the Cenegenics approach, we do all we can to prevent problems on the front end. I believe, in the future, there will be an even bigger need for what we’re doing and how we do it,” Sharp said.

Like other Cenegenics physicians, Sharp walks the walk. He is a longtime fitness aficionado with a 4th degree blackbelt in karate, 2nd degree blackbelt in Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Dr. Patrick Sharp

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